Liz Wins!

Monkey, a great word! It can be used to describe many situations! For instance:

  • Greetings: "How the monkey are ya?"
  • Fraud: "He monkey'd me!"
  • Confusion: "What the MONKEY?!!"

Why Oh Monkey?

And well you might ask. In the 4th grade, Liz, the funny gal in the family came up with the phrase, "Oh monkey!"

and "What the monkey?". Pretty soon her whole class was saying it, even her teacher said it one time!

It seems to add a little spice to your speech without being rude. Instead of saying (a four-letter-word) replace it with "Monkey!"

Now, going into high school she's created, "What the fudge on a monkey?" and "What the monkey on a stick?!" along with, "What the crud on a monkey?!" when shes annoyed.

Let Oh Monkey be the new phrase for the new millenium! May it always represent peace, goodwill and one monkey of a sense of humor!

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Want to see a video of

Liz and Daniel at the beach?

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